Tailor and menswear designer

I maintain a strong modernist view towards style and tailoring, with an alternative outlook on convention mixing innovative design, with the most traditional forms of garment construction learned from periods working fashion industry in Italy, Savile Row in England and America.

With over 12 years experience working in the fashion industry Simon has styled, designed and created garments for international statesman, professional sportsman,  captains of industry and prominent figures from TV, film and music.

Simon Lloyd Fish








Full bespoke hand stitched, hand cut suits.

Representing what a true bespoke suit is meant to be: truly bespoken and offered with the widest variety and highest quality of sourced fashion fabrics from across the world.

From start to finish, using only the finest methods of garment construction, and design your suit is created with a combination of a full floating canvas ,together with a basted fitting, detailed design and hand finishing this is the pinnacle of garment construction and the suit that every man wants and needs in his wardrobe. 


After nearly 45-50 body measurements and notes from figurations are taken, the cloth is cut and lightly stitched together to create the essence of your jacket and trousers into a shell of a suit – known as a “baste”. 

In the basted fitting, you get an in-depth consultation with myself about the style and fit of the suit, and how it can be fine tuned at this stage to perfect the fit. 

After the fitting, the suit is then de-constructed and recut before being re-created with the changes for the final fitting. 

For every client, a unique paper pattern is created and updated over time, so an accurate template is in place for new orders to avoid repeating the process and reducing the time to create further garments.

All bespoke suits need structure and support inside to hold the shape and create a silhouette. This is done by using a horsehair canvas, unique to true bespoke suit making. My fully hand stitched bespoke suits have a full length canvass sewn into the jacket, allowing the internals of the jacket to move. This enables the jacket to sit better on the body, allowing the person to feel more comfortable. This is how a true Savile Row suit is constructed.


Bespoke is the pinnacle of luxury in tailoring and is the benchmark for high quality garment construction prices start from £3500.00 on consultation. 

Using only the finest fabrics in the world below are some of the cloth merchants used tomake the bespoke suits



Hand made in




Made to measure

Semi bespoke, or made to measure is an entry level option into the world of luxury bespoke tailoring. With a different construction process, it offers the same principles at a fraction of the cost. The suit is created in a way in which no bespoke baste is needed. The suit is fully constructed straight to finish using alterations to perfect the fit with a combination of hand stitching and machine work. 

The suit has quality, creativity and value for money, and also pushes the boundaries of suit design within men’s tailoring. 
Using the finest techniques, craftsmanship and elegance. Whether cutting the perfect suit is for work, a wedding, a night out, or just the enjoyment of wearing a beautiful garment. 

The product is part machined, part hand stitched, using a half canvas and half fusing, reducing the number of hours spent creating the garment and ultimately the cost, with a timeframe of 4 - 5 weeks.

Semi bespoke is a cost effective way to assemble an individual wardrobe of custom made clothing at a reduced cost, whilst retaining supreme high quality, prices start from £1000.00 on consultation. 












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